Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The late arrival of Reid

Reid & Ruby Tuesday
On the day Lana's cria Kobi was born it was very hot, too hot for the little cria to be out all day so we brought them into the shed out of the sun. At 3pm we let them back out into the paddock & Ruby Tuesday made a very quick dash for the poo pile & stood there with her tail up, a sure sign a cria is coming. I did say to Martin, 'look at Ruby go' but then carried on working thinking it is a little late for a cria now. Ten minutes later he said 'are you watching Ruby as she's having a cria', oops, & 5 minutes later Reid arrived! He's a cute little cria, Ruby's first & took time getting used to his long legs, he is very friendly. We found his name when we were searching for Aslan's & Kobi's, it means red & there is also a Bondi lifeguard called Reidy.

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