Sunday, 7 July 2013

A cute little ZsaZsa

ZsaZsa with her mum Kiki & Cain nibbling her ear
I had to go out Thursday morning & guess what, missed another birth. Martin was watching the girls, still mainly Claire but this time is was a black alpaca giving birth. Kiki who is a first time mum, sister to Clementine, her mum Lana is waiting to give birth in the paddock as well. Martin nipped back to the house for a towel to clean the little cria's face & she was on the ground before he got back, speedy delivery:) Pretty little black cria, her mum Kiki has a beautiful face. With my word association to remember all the names - Kiki is a character from Hector's House, television programme of the 70's, Hector the dog, Kiki the frog & 
ZsaZsa the cat & as my little cria is not a boy, ZsaZsa it is & the name really suits her.

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