Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The late arrival of Reid

Reid & Ruby Tuesday
On the day Lana's cria Kobi was born it was very hot, too hot for the little cria to be out all day so we brought them into the shed out of the sun. At 3pm we let them back out into the paddock & Ruby Tuesday made a very quick dash for the poo pile & stood there with her tail up, a sure sign a cria is coming. I did say to Martin, 'look at Ruby go' but then carried on working thinking it is a little late for a cria now. Ten minutes later he said 'are you watching Ruby as she's having a cria', oops, & 5 minutes later Reid arrived! He's a cute little cria, Ruby's first & took time getting used to his long legs, he is very friendly. We found his name when we were searching for Aslan's & Kobi's, it means red & there is also a Bondi lifeguard called Reidy.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lana's look alike Kobi

JandJ Kobi
With 5 mums due I was sure we were in for some births soon & on Friday I was not disappointed at 10.15 we had the very quick birth of Kobi. 
Kobi really is cute, such a sweet little face, he looks like Lana when she was born. Lana's cria are Clementine, Kiki & Caspian so the new cria's letter is K. I have been looking for an unusual name for the past year & whilst watching Bondi Rescue heard the name of one of the lifeguards, Kobi, & added it to my list on the wall, so Kobi it is.


Cria in the dust bowl

From left to right
Pipit, Cain, Layla, Peach, Aslan, Reid, ZsaZsa & Asha 

Claire's cria finally has a name!

Claire with Aslan
Eventually Claire managed to have her cria last Monday. A handsome huge cria, he had been growing as much in side her as he would have done if he had been born earlier I think. Her gorgeous little boy has been waiting for a name, we have been calling him little Leo after his big brother, he's very similar but a little darker fawn. Daren't give him a nickname like Nettle in case it stuck. James has finally decided that he is called Aslan & it really suits him, he is very brave, loves to be the leader of the racing games at the end of the day & wanders over for attention, he did try to eat my ipad as I took photos :)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's another beautiful day for our Open Weekend

It's sunny again today for the second of our open days. Yesterday was a beautiful day, we are so lucky to have the large cool sheds for our alpacas. We kept the pregnant girls & cria in the shed for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to keep them out of the heat of the sun, the little black cria lay out & because their colour absorbs the sun well they get hotter & hotter. It's nice for us as we can keep out the sun as well & still talk.
Really hoping for a birth today, Claire, Luminaria, Persia, Ruby Tuesday, McKenzie & Lana now all due.

A cute little ZsaZsa

ZsaZsa with her mum Kiki & Cain nibbling her ear
I had to go out Thursday morning & guess what, missed another birth. Martin was watching the girls, still mainly Claire but this time is was a black alpaca giving birth. Kiki who is a first time mum, sister to Clementine, her mum Lana is waiting to give birth in the paddock as well. Martin nipped back to the house for a towel to clean the little cria's face & she was on the ground before he got back, speedy delivery:) Pretty little black cria, her mum Kiki has a beautiful face. With my word association to remember all the names - Kiki is a character from Hector's House, television programme of the 70's, Hector the dog, Kiki the frog & 
ZsaZsa the cat & as my little cria is not a boy, ZsaZsa it is & the name really suits her.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Introducing our beautiful Peach

On Monday I was waiting for a new arrival. Claire had never had a cria later than this, but this year she is still holding on. When I went down to the paddock instead of Claire in labour I saw Clementine.
Clementine was pregnant last year but unfortunately all did not go well & the cria was not born alive, so I was really keen for a better outcome this year. Luckily both Martin & I watched as she gave birth to make sure nothing went amiss that we could help with, but all went well & apart from a little easing at one point it was a very normal birth. So Clementine is the proud mum of a beautiful girl Peach, she is a gorgeous brown colour very unlike her mum & gran Lana who are both fawn. Clementine like Lana is very steady & gentle & I really hope that Peach takes after them.