Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wow we have a white girl

JandJ Felicia
I am a little late in posting this 2 weeks ago when the weather cooled for Saturday & Sunday all the due girls gave birth.

It started on Saturday with the arrival of Felicia, she is Luminaria's 6th cria & very special being a girl. We really like our coloured alpacas but it's fantastic to have another white, out of our 100 alpacas we only have 4. Lumi has had Felix, Kasper, Luminessence, Frazer, Flynn & now Felicia, Felix Kasper & Flynn have been sold & we were very upset last year as Esse developed a vertebrae problem & we lost her. This year Frazer has been promoted to a stud male & we have mated him with Mississippi, a very unlikely union of white & black, so we wait until next year to see what colour their cria will be, I think probably it will be black but a multi would be fabulous.

Felicia is a gorgeous little cria very gentle just like her mum but very inquisitive & really friendly. This year we seem to have very friendly, brave little alpacas, all come up to see us & want our attention.

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