Friday, 6 July 2012

JandJ Bruno

On Thursday 28th June, Miss MoneyPenny gave birth at 9.20 it had been a straight forward birth & all looked well but the cria looked a little weaker than the others. He had a lovely pink mouth so we left them in the shed with the other alpacas to bond & to get up on his feet. 

We went back to check half an hour later & Bruno hadn't moved much from where he had been born, still laying flat out, this is not normal so he obviously needed help. Miss MoneyPenny was pawing at the ground around him & moaning, as his mum even a first time mum knows that this is not what normally happens. Martin started to rub him with a towel & turn him over, bend his legs into cush (sitting position), propping him up on a bed of hay, he kept doing this for 30 mins with Miss MoneyPenny looking on. We left him sitting in cush for another half an hour, newborn alpacas usually get to cush position in about 10 to 15 minutes on their own. When we went back he was happily sitting there & Martin just helped him stand, holding him for a few minutes until he found his feet. Twenty minutes later Bruno was feeding & wandering round the shed the past couple of hours behind him. 

He is JandJ Affinity's first cria & a very similar colour to him, Bruno has very bright black eyes & the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on an alpaca.

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