Friday, 13 July 2012

JandJ Blade

The weather was very kind to us on our open weekend, we met some lovely people & sold some of our gorgeous girls & boys.
JandJ Blade at 3 days old

 No cria had been born on Saturday so we were really hoping for a birth on Sunday & Mississippi did not disappoint us, she gave birth at 10.45 on Sunday morning. After being shut in the shed & the top of the field on Saturday we decided before we opened to the public to let the alpacas have the whole paddock & of course they all went down to the rolling pad at the bottom. So JandJ Blade was born down there & then had to be carried all the way up the field into the shed so we could keep an eye on him & where everyone could see him. It was an uncomplicated birth but he was very noisy being born, moaning away even before he was fully out, not had that before. 

He is Comet's second cria & Mississippi's 5th, her daughter Destiny is also in the paddock due in the next couple of weeks, she is the image of her mum, at a distance it is hard to tell them apart. Blade is a very forward little cria, friendly, always comes to see us, very inquisitive. He is a gorgeous colour, a little like great grandma Plum, a plumy, mahogany colour. 

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