Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Eventually the last cria of the year

JandJ Tiberius
The last cria of the year was eventually born on 26th August, just 2 days off a year's gestation. His birth was straight forward, we had been watching while feeding & it was very slowly moving forward. So we just nipped up to the house to grab a piece of toast for breakfast, (not been gone 10 mins), came back, all looked calm. Thea was sitting on the ground, but behind her was a cria completely out but with his neck & head twisted in a strange shape. Martin, who was following me quickly picked up the cria & give him a couple of swings & a little heart massage, it's wonderful to see a grey blue mouth turn pink! Just shows you always have to be there when little cria are being born, never know what's going to happen to them.

JandJ Tiberius nibbling mum Thea
What a beauty he is, absolutely the best was left to last. He's James' to name so he is called Tiberius & he may live up to his name. Even at a couple of weeks old he acts like a stud boy, struts across the field, stands tall and handsome, always at the front. We have just moved the alpacas & he walked up the ramp into the trailer & down again as if he had been in and out of a trailer lots of times. Once in the new field he was the one out in front checking out the field :) He's very funny & happily for us a home grown brown little boy with a fab fleece.

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