Friday, 8 June 2012

JandJ Caspian

We had to wait another couple of weeks for the second to last cria of last year. Lana Caspian's mum is very sneaky, she does not like us seeing her give birth. When Clementine, Caspian's big big sister was born I was checking Lana every hour & when I went to check her near a bunch of nettles a little cria stood up! The next year she snook big sister Kiki out at 7.30am. Caspian is the closest to seeing the birth I have had, he had only just touched the ground, he was born at 9.45 & Lana gave no indication she was in labour as normal, she is a very good mum, keeps her cria close & is very attentive. He has always been very photogenic & cute & very inquisitive.. We took him to the Newark & Notts Show & he was in a class with Henley, Hen came 2nd & Cas came 4th a very good result.

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