Wednesday, 5 October 2011

JandJ Nayte

Ella Fitzgerald had Nayte on the 4th of June at 10.30am & we missed the birth as we were showing alpacas at Kenilworth Show. It was a lovely sunny day & we had left Nanny in charge to watched and make sure everything was ok .
Ella is an import & generally does her own thing, apart from shearing, injecting & tow nail clipping, we leave her alone or maybe that's, she leaves us alone. If we are gathering everyone together she & Nayte are at the other end of the field. She is the joint second eldest alpaca we own, 13 this year. Ella always has beautiful cria all black apart from Merlin who is mid fawn & so handsome, Ned we have sold, Nell always first at the fence to see what is happening & to be talked to & now Nayte. We have not seen too much of him as he is always at Ella's side but as he is getting older he is being allowed to come to us a little more.
I wanted his name to begin with an N & like the name Nathaniel (Nathaniel Parker now in Merlin) but needed the name to be shorter so Nayte it is.

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