Friday, 29 October 2010

2010 Cria

We have had 21 cria this year. I really need to keep my blog up to date so I am really going to try over the next couple of months.

Back in May we were getting ready for the National Show at Newark at which we received a lovely handful of rosettes & were really proud of our show team.
1st for Comet & Lex
3rd for Ani, Fergus & Murphy
4th for Dragonfly

An update on Thorn he has turned into a beautiful boy with cute markings on his face, always one of the first at the gate to see whose coming. Celeste is also lovely about to be weaned.

Here's a photo of some of the cria back in June - Persia, Nell, Dillon, Sapphire, Hope & in the background Ruby Tuesday.


  1. 21 wow, they look a lovely bunch. I love looking at cria, how did you do boys v girls?

  2. Hi Debbie, we had 12 girls and 9 boys, 12 are black. How did you do?