Saturday, 3 April 2010

My 3rd Designer

My third designer is Siobhan from Last year we decided that we would like to have something a little different & I found Siobhan's gorgeous gloves. They are so different, quite holey but of course being alpaca amazingly warm. I have 2 pairs, 1 in Skylark of course & 1 in Logan who is black, wore the Logan ones to most of my events last year, when everyone else was complaining of cold hands I was warm. We decided to knit along & a short version, the long ones are the ones above, both sizes come in Logan, Lana, Kasper & Bond but we can of course knit them in any of the colours.

We also have a lovely shrug from Siobhan which is so light & pretty to wear & of course warm.

I have managed to get a place in the Etsy Showcase today & my featured items are the shrug above in Kasper & Lana & gloves in Logan.

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  1. these are beautiful, I love alpaca - I just sent you a pm on Folksy about it
    pam x