Monday, 7 December 2009

Must try harder to blog

I've not had a lot of time to blog recently & have decided over the next week to bring my blog up to date with what has happened since August!

Affinity is growing into a beautiful alpaca.

In September we were invited to have a stall at the MX-5 National Rally at Mallory Park. It was a beautiful sunny day & from our stall we could see the cars wizzing around the track. It was amazing to see rows & rows of MX 5's.

The day after we were at Stamford, an altogether different day weather wise, no sun. We had been invited to the Stamford Dog Show which was a lovely large event on the Town Meadow. To this one we took 4 of our alpacas, Leo, Fergus, Kasper & Robin. Leo had been requested as often featured in the Stamford Living Magazine there is a King Charles Spaniel called Leo. We had a lovely day, lots of talking about the alpacas, there was lots to see, as well as the dogs & alpacas, there were reptiles & owls.

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